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Skåne is Sweden’s grain store and here is half of Sweden’s food industry. We transport everything from raw material to finished product. In our vehicle and machinery park there are dump trucks, cleaning loaders and machines for pressing hard-pressed pulp, so-called HP machines. Sugar beet gives us the most to do. During the high season from September to January, we have a comprehensive commitment for Nordic Sugar, which includes tipping cars, cleaning, loading and transport of approximately 4,000 tonnes of beet every day to the sugar mill in Örtofta. We also transport the limestone needed for production.

The assignment also includes taking care of the HP mass, packing it and transporting it to the keeper.

During the harvest period we drive grain directly from the field edge to the factories, or to their intermediate layer.

Here flexibility and commitment are definitely keywords because we have to adapt to how the harvest will be. Good harvest years require more cars and higher pace. Here it can be very difficult throws that we have to parry.

Foods such as sugar, sugar solutions, syrups and liquid yeast, we transport both as loose and as packaged goods. Our tankers and bulk trucks drive the products directly to the factories’ production, while what is packaged goes with our remote and distribution cars that are approved for food transport. The end customers are bakeries, candy manufacturers, soft drink manufacturers and more.

For natural reasons, food transports are surrounded by rigorous hygiene rules and the tanks must be thoroughly washed after each run. Planning is therefore important.

The end customers try to keep their stock down as much as possible, which means that we must be prepared for transportation orders to come both nights and weekends.

The fact that we have such a large span enables us to undertake projects of the most varied types, from lifting and working lifts to lifting roof tiles when roofing. We also have several cars that are specially equipped to handle everything from tree folding to drilling holes in the ground for post erection.

This business area also includes about 70 tipping and construction vehicles. We are among other things a large carrier of asphalt. Our skaters have great knowledge of how this should be done and the flexibility required to give a good result.

In winter, we have some 20 cars running which handle snow removal and salting of roads in central Skåne. In the summer, we do maintenance on gravel roads, spreading gravel on a gravel road requires knowledge and we have it.

We are part owner of Skåne Grus and thus have the opportunity to sell a flat with gravel or macadam at a fixed price. Our services are in demand and, for example, in road construction, we can offer both dump trucks
or swap plane car, depending on the conditions. If you only need less material then we can supply our material varieties in big bags.

We operate in an industry with rapid fluctuations and widespread needs where we have a large contact network to cope with the peaks and are flexible in our thinking to find the solutions.

In our vehicle fleet, there are about 35 crane trucks, equipped with cranes from 3 to 95 tonnes.

Special transport means that we move large machines, silos, stone crushers, or anything that is heavy, wide, high or long. We take responsibility for the entire transport. Whether it is in Sweden or abroad does not matter. Special transports usually require dispensers, different permits and a road transport leader. All special transports do not go by car, but we can also transport special equipment to Canada in containers by boat.

With over 500 containers and trucks, we have become a major player in waste management and are, among other things, a carrier for the recycling company Stena. At the same time, this is an area that we see great opportunities to develop.

We can offer removal of waste with a load platform, container or big bag depending on the quantity. We can also offer delivery, in 5 kbm and 10 kbm, of water, to both wells and pools. This is driven by our trucks.

Often it is a quick assignment where companies that are about to clean out immediately need a flake or container. It is an exciting challenge for us to get together our fixed assignments with those who call and quickly want a transport.

The goal is for no customers to have to wait for us, our commitment means that we succeed most of the time.

With our remote cars and distribution cars, we drive all kinds of goods to customers throughout Sweden. That we drive the goods directly from the sender to the end customer – without reloading – means considerably less risk of damaged goods and complaints, as well as faster deliveries.

Our broad vehicle fleet and flexibility also mean that we can, at short notice, undertake emergency transports with distribution cars that have up to 18 pallets, whether it is within Sweden or to a destination somewhere in Europe.

We are flexible and think quickly about planning to serve our customers. We are committed and constantly working to develop the relationship with our customers. We do everything we can to solve our customers’ problems and wishes. The goal is to work as optimally as possible to find the best solution.

Schools, apartment buildings or ordinary villas. No matter what type of module we are talking about, it is no problem for us to transport these with our special vehicles together with road transport managers when needed. We move modules that are up to 19.5 meters long and it is with great pride that we can say that we are actually the largest in Sweden on just modular transports.

Many modular transports go from Sweden to Europe. Then it is necessary that transport managers can decide which laws and regulations apply in the countries where the car is to roll.
Often there will be transhipment and then we will solve it with vans through different countries. If we are to go through Europe, we must coordinate it with road transport leaders who take over from country to country.

Coordinating the logistics and getting all permits to fall into place is a big challenge, but with our flexible fleet we solve it.

Through our wholly owned subsidiary EGM Maskin AB, we basically undertake all construction contracts that require machine and driver. It can be about a road construction, building a garden, digging for cable work and much more. We have a machine park with thirteen excavators and wheel loaders of varying sizes that we rent with drivers for different construction projects. In addition to these, our member companies have another ten machines we can set up with.

We have construction machines from 8 to 45 tons, which means that we can handle both small and large assignments. We also want to emphasize that all our machine operators are known to be very skilled and handle most situations.

Our terminal in Eslöv has an area of ​​7,500 sqm, most of which is isolated. Here, there are 7,000 pallet places for both intermediate storage and ready storage of both food products and industrial products. Here, too, transhipment takes place and among other things DHL buys these services from us.

For our terminal staff, order and find out is a matter of course.

We make sure that the right goods always end up on the right car. We unload, load and make sure to put all goods in the system so that we know where it is. We also advise the drivers on how to anchor the goods safely in order to avoid transport damage.

Our service offering also includes total solutions by picking up deliveries from different suppliers to a finished order that is transported completely to the end customer. This can, for example, be about the delivery of a finished kitchen where the components come from different suppliers.

In addition to the terminal in Eslöv, there are also land areas for renting and erection.

In Eslöv 90,000 sqm, in Hässleholm 40,000 sqm and in Hörby 16,500 sqm.

In addition, we have recently opened a modular logistics center in Nykvarn. Here you can set up modules or other products that can stand out.

We have about 9,000 sqm available.

Supplementery services

As an extra service to our customers and suppliers, we have four fuel stations for diesel and AdBlue. These are located in Eslöv, Hässleholm, Hörby and Höör. By ordering your gas card from us you can fill up at our facilities.

In Eslöv and Hörby we have environmentally approved manual washing facilities for full-sized trucks. The washing plant in Eslöv is an indoor hall while Hörby has an outdoor facility for washing. The plant in Eslöv offers in addition to the high-pressure cold water even with high pressure hot water and degreasing. You will only be charged for the time the pump is running and you can do the washing smoothly and comfortably.