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Flexilast Ekonomisk Förening

When Lastbilcentralen Eslöv och Hörby merged with Bilfrakt i Hässleholm and formed Flexilast in 2013 it was done with the intention of creating an organization with more vehicles and more services.

We simply put us on more muscle and become much stronger together. This in turn meant that we became a complete supplier of transport and construction services. As a customer, you only need to contact our organisation to get whatever needed. One-stopshopping, as it is known in the business world, in our case means a closer link between contracting and transport operations. Our organisation has expert member companies and a vehicle fleet that can meet just about every need. As a result we are able to tailor specific solutions for any need. As a customer, you can rely on work being done in a way that is professional and cost-effective. The capacity that we have built up also means confidence, since we have access to resources that allow us to deal with any unexpected event. Flexilast’s three core values of commitment, flexibility and availability are more than just words. We aim to be associated with positive values and opinions. In short, we want Flexilast to be the very first choice for anyone needing transports or contract services!


Henrik Anderson,
CEO of Flexilast

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Brief history


Ever since 1933, when Lastbilcentralen Hörby was founded, we have developed transports solutions and gradually expanded our business. In 1942 Lastbilcentralen Eslöv was formed and in 1955 Lastbilcentralen Höör was formed. Lastbilcentralen Höör was incorporated into Lastbilcentralen Eslöv in 1963. This was the very same year that Bilfrakt i Hässleholm was created. Through a merger in 1989 arose Lastbilcentralen Eslöv Hörby. The 1st December 2013 Flexilast was founded in a fusion of Lastbilcentralen Eslöv Hörby and Bilfrakt Hässleholm.

Few facts

Employees: 49

Turnover: approx. 67 million Euro

Associated member companies: 103

Excavators and loaders with drivers: 13 in fully-owned subsidiaries of EGM Maskin AB, and approx. 10 with joint owners.

Transport capacity: approx. 220 vehicles

Terminal surface area: 5,900 square metres, of which 5,000 insulated square metres are in Eslöv and 900 square metres in Hässleholm.

Pallet space at the terminal: 7,000

Areas for leasing: 146,500 square metres in Eslöv, Hässleholm and Hörby.

The board

association and two employee representatives. Board members are elected for two years by the association’s general meeting. The following members are elected to the board.


Per Olsson, external member



Jerry Ohlsson
Anders Håkanson
Jan Johansson
Jörgen Olsson
Kent Svensson
Ulf Norlin
Anna Sandgren, Employee representative
Fredrik Nilsson, Employee representative


Henrik Anderson

Deputy members

Anders Ekroth
Anders Jönsson
Fredrik Dagsberg
Glenn Andersson
Malin Johansson, Employee representative